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The Art of Communication

Hello, my name is Huibert de Jong. I am a dutch/norwegian photographer, digital creator and a certified Interactive Communication Developer (IMMO) with 30 years experience in design, photography, development and project-management.

A balance between design and marketing is crucial for creating a positive ROI (Return On Investment). In marketing, we can have a clever strategy and the best targeting, but if it doesn’t perform, it’s not viewed as a success. Similar in design, the landing page can be beautiful with amazing interactions, but if it’s not converting and engaging users like it’s supposed to, it doesn’t matter. Clever marketing doesn’t work just because it’s clever, just as beautiful design doesn’t work just because it’s beautiful.

I developed and/or managed different types of campaigns on behalf of many agencies and/or clients in the Netherlands, Belgium, and Norway. I am focused on strategic campaigns, brand story-telling, and digital experiences with the lowest possible Customer Acquisition Cost (CAC).

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